Bluebird Suzuki is a vibrant Suzuki Violin Community in North London

Bluebird Suzuki is the combined studios of Suzuki violin teachers Amy Cluggish and Miks Silis. We are based in London in Tufnell Park and Highgate. Our studios are busy and full of Suzuki families who prioritise violin with the aim of building positive relationships within their families through a family oriented way of learning music. Our goal is to nurture ability in each child as we relate musical skills and musical learning to the bigger picture.

Bluebird Suzuki Students take individual lessons with either Miks or Amy and are required to attend weekly musicianship and instrumental group classes. Bluebird Suzuki partners with two wonderful group programmes in London - Lauderdale Suzuki Group in Highgate and Suzuki Hub in Hackney. Through these programmes our pupils have the opportunity to learn with us and with other Suzuki teachers, who we have to say are some of the best around!


Our pupils preform regularly throughout London with their group programmes and also in studio concerts. These events happen frequently throughout the year at locations all over London. Our students also participate in London Suzuki Group performances, workshops and summer camps through the British Suzuki Institute.

If you are considering starting Suzuki lessons, please contact us to learn more. The first steps in the process are to observe group classes and to read Nurtured By Love by Dr. Suzuki and Teaching From the Balance Point by Edward Kreitman. You may also request to book a consultation session with us to learn if Suzuki is right for your family. We currently have a waiting list for September 2019. If you would like to be added please contact us to begin observing now.